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809.02 Provisional Throw

Last updated: Saturday, March 3, 2018 - 12:37

A provisional throw is an extra throw that is not added to a player's score if it is not ultimately used in the completion of the hole. The player must inform the group that a throw is provisional prior to making it.

Provisional throws are used:

To save time. A player may declare a provisional throw any time:

The status of a disc cannot be readily determined because it may be lost, out-of-bounds, or have missed a mandatory; and,

The group agrees that a provisional throw may save time.

The thrower then continues play from whichever of the two throws is deemed by the group or an Official to have resulted in the correct lie.

To appeal a ruling when there are different resulting lies. A set of provisional throws may be taken to complete a hole as part of an appeal when a player in the group disagrees with a group decision and an Official is not readily available, or if a player in the group wishes to appeal the decision of an Official. The scores from both sets of throws are recorded. Once the appeal has been resolved, only the score from the correct set of throws is counted.

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