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Chapter 7, Section E

The Basic Fundamentals of Bowling


     The approach and delivery combine all of the elements that have been taught and become familiar to the student. It involves putting the ball in motion, executing the swing, the walk, slide, delivery and follow through. Some instructors prefer to have a complete review of all these techniques before starting the approach and delivery.

     In executing the approach and delivery, there is one key that should be taught. THE STUDENT AND THE BALL START MOVING TOWARDS THE PINS AT THE SAME TIME In other words, the pushaway, or motion used to start the ball in motion and the beginning of the first step should be executed at the same time. Once the swing is started, the student should continue to walk during the swing, attempting to end up in the correct delivery position when the ball does. The student should be taught that THE LENGTH AND SPEED OF THE STEPS ARE ADJUSTED, NOT THE SPEED OR THE MOTION OF THE SWING. THE SWING SHOULD ALWAYS BE THE SAME, WITH THE WALK BEING THE ONLY VARIABLE.

     After the student becomes familiar with the approach and delivery, instruction should be given on finding the correct starting position on the lane in relation to the foul line.

     Students should be taken to the foul line, faced towards the players benches and instructed to use the rail and take FOUR AND ONE-HALF (4 1/2) STEPS AWAY FROM THE FOUL LINE. They should then position them selves on the rail by finding a joint, upright or some spot on the rail that can be used as a guide for finding the starting spot. A piece of tape or some other material may be used initially until the student has time to become familiar with the rail and accustomed to finding the correct position from the end of the rail.

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