Sports 4 The Blind


     This book was prepared at the request of the American Blind Bowling Association and is intended as a guide for sighted persons who will be working with the blind. The procedures outlined herein are what we believe to be the simplest method of teaching the blind. The procedures were decided upon only after much study and experimentation. The methods are not claimed to be the ultimate or the only way to teach, but will give the instructor a starting point.

     I would like to express my appreciation to my two blind American University students, Maureen Sheedy and Seville Allen, who were so cooperative during all the experimental stages and still managed to learn to bowl. My sincere thanks to the American University Athletic Department and Bob Frailey, the Athletic Director for allowing the use of their bowling facilities for the tests and instructions. A special thanks to Oral Miller, and Earl Schary of the American Blind Bowling Association for their critical and helpful comments and suggestions. I am grateful to my friend Ron Morgan for his excellant art work and to Helen for her typing, art work and patience. Without the help of these special people, this book would not be possible.


Joe Zok

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