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Rule 1

Section 3:


Article 1...

     First and Third base shall meet the following requirements:

A. Height - 48" minimum, 54" maximum

B. Diameter - 8" minimum, 10" maximum

C. Shape - A cylinder, square, or cone from top to bottom. (Exception: see Rule 1, Section 3, Article 1 - I, Wind-resistance devices)

D. Weight - Five pounds maximum

E. Covering - Vinyl (1st choice), Canvas (2nd choice)

F. Sound Device Location; centered no less than 34" and no more than 40" above ground level.

G. Sound Frequency (Pitch) - Variable

H. Sound Level (Loudness); Medium on an adjustable device.

I. Wind-Resistance Devices - Magnets, Velcro, or any other means accepted by the NBBA to hold base in an upright position.

Article 2...

     Home Plate (base) shall be a five-sided slab of whitened material. It shall be a 12" square with two of the corners filled in so that one edge is 17" long, two are 12", and two are 8 1⁄2". It shall be set in/on the ground so that the two 12" edges coincide with the base lines extending from the rear point of home plate to first and third base spots with the 17" edge facing the pitcher’s mark.

Article 3...

     The Ball shall be a “softball” weighing approximately 16 ounces, 16 inches in circumference, with a hollow core containing a sound emitting device and a rechargeable power supply. The ball shall be spherical in shape, of solid construction, and shall fly and roll true. The ball shall be designed in such a way that the sound emitting device can be switched on and off. The NBBA Board of Directors, or its appointed representative, shall be the sole judge if any ball design is acceptable for use in NBBA sanctioned games or tournaments.

Article 4...

     The Bat shall meet minimum ASA, USSSA, National Federation of NCAA slow-pitch softball standards. NOT allowed: any DeBeer brand Clincher or two part construction bats. There shall be no devices, attachments or wrappings that cause the handle to become flush with the knob. Only bats may be used for loosening up (including weighted bats for this purpose) at any location. Devices designed to remain part of the bat, such as batting donuts and wind resistant devices, are legal for warming up only. It is mandatory that the knobs on aluminum or magnesium bats be securely fastened. The aluminum or magnesium bats must have a sound deadening material inside. Aluminum or magnesium bats must have a safety grip of cork, non-slip tape, or composition material. The grip must extend a minimum of 10" but not more than 18" from the handle end of the bat. Slippery tape or similar material shall be prohibited. A wooden bat may be roughened or wound with tape or twine not more than 18" from the handle end of the bat. No foreign substance may be added to the bat beyond 18" from the end of the handle. Each bat shall be:

A. Diameter at thickest part- 2 3/4" or less

B. Length - 36" or less

C. Weight - 38 ounces or less Bats that do not meet these specifications are illegal.

Article 5...

     any fielder may wear Leather gloves or mitts. There is no distinction between a glove and a mitt. The glove / mitt worn by all fields shall conform to the following specifications:

A. Height - (measured from the bottom edge or heel straight up across the center of the palm to a line even with the highest point of the glove/mitt): 14"

B. Width of palm - (measured from the bottom edge of the webbing farthest from the thumb in a horizontal line to the outside of the little finger edge of the glove/mitt): 8"

C. Webbing - (measured across the top end along any line parallel to the top): 5 3/4"

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