Sports 4 The Blind

Rule 1

Section 4:

Defective Field and Player Equipment, Non-Regulation Facility, Malfunctioning Equipment

Article 1...

     Defective Equipment must be replaced or repaired immediately.

Article 2...

     Any game started on a Non-regulation Facility by mutual agreement of the opposing coaches and team captains shall not be protested for this reason.

Article 3...

     A ball, which ceases to beep in the proper manner after it is hit and before it is fielded, shall be considered to have malfunctioned. A base, which is noticeably late coming on, or which is not properly placed so that the speaker is facing home plate, or which falls over or is blown over, or which fails to sound or ceases to sound prior to the end of the play shall be considered to have malfunctioned. In the case of Malfunctioning Equipment, this is a “delayed decision” and the Head Umpire shall allow the team at the disadvantage to attempt to complete the play before calling a no pitch. If the team at the disadvantage can successfully complete the play, the Head Umpire may allow the play to stand.


     Legally fielding a malfunctioning ball prior to runner legally touching base; or legally touching malfunctioning base prior to ball being legally fielded. If the ball ceases to beep and does not pass the 40-foot foul line, it is a foul ball. A foul ball which ceases to beep in the proper manner will be called a strike unless it is the fourth strike, in which case the batter will resume with ball and strike count as it was prior to the foul ball, the fourth strike must be a clean miss or a called strike.

Article 4...

     A dead ball determination is made by the Field or Head Umpire after completion of the play. The Umpire will approach the ball (or player holding the ball) and without bending over to the ground, LISTEN to determine if the ball is audible and playable. If audible, the play is stands as completed. If determined to be a ‘dead ball’ the play will be considered malfunctioning equipment and a no pitch will be awarded UNLESS the defensive team fielded the ball without the aid of hearing the beep for the out. Then the defense is considered to have been at the disadvantage. If the play was completed prior to the runner hitting the base, the play will stand as an “out”.

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