Sports 4 The Blind

Rule 2

Section 2:

Batter, B1, B2,

Article 1...

     The Batter must have at least one foot behind the front edge of the plate at the start of the swing. When the head umpire calls “Play”, the batter has thirty seconds to approach and occupy the plate. An “On-Deck Circle” for each team is a circle five feet in diameter located a safe distance to the side of and behind home plate where each batter will stand while awaiting his turn at bat. When the head umpire calls “Play”, the on-deck batter will have thirty seconds to occupy the on-deck circle. The batter-on-deck must have blindfold in place prior to entering the on-deck circle. The penalty for batter not being at the plate and / or on-deck batter not being ready in the circle within thirty seconds shall be a strike on the current batter; the penalty for the on-deck batter not having blindfold in place prior to entering the circle shall be a strike on the current batter. Once the batter - on-deck has the blindfold in place, it shall not be lowered or removed without permission from the umpire until that person has completed his turn at bat by scoring, striking out, or being put out:


The batter or the batter-on-deck who removed the mask illegally shall be declared out. The Umpire may, at his discretion, issue one, but no more than two, team warnings for batter or batter-on-deck violations of the mask rule before charging the penalty strike or declaring the batter or batter-on-deck out.

Article 2...

     The player who bats first in his half of an inning is designated B1, the second player to bat is B2, and so on through the inning.

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