Sports 4 The Blind

Rule 2

Section 3:

Catch, Catcher, Catcher’s Box

Article 1...

     A Catch is the act of a fielder in getting secure possession of the ball, in hand(s) or glove, above the ground, and away from the body. In the rare event that a defensive player catches a live, batted fly ball in flight prior to the ball touching the ground, a spotter or umpire, or any object on fair or foul ground other than another defensive player, this will automatically retire the side and the offensive team will immediately take the field.

Article 2...

     The Catcher is the person to whom the pitcher throws when delivering the ball to the batter. When ready to receive a pitch, the catcher must be in the area immediately behind home plate. This area shall be called the catcher’s box and is entirely in foul territory.

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