Sports 4 The Blind

Rule 2

Section 7:

Game, Called Game, Tie Game, Inning, and Half Inning, Forfeit

Article 1...

     A Regulation Beep Baseball Game is six innings (turns at bat) for each team unless shortened as allowed for elsewhere in these rules, or unless extra innings are necessary to break a tie score. A Called Game is one, which is ended by order of the umpire, and / or tournament officials according to regulations printed elsewhere in these rules. A Suspended Game is a called game that will be completed at a later time.


Article 2...

     An Inning is that portion of the game, which includes a turn at bat for each team. A Half Inning is the interval during which one team is on offense (batting) and the other is on defense (fielding). A half inning ends when there is a third out of when a fly ball is caught as in Rule 2 - Sect 3 - Art 1 or when, in the last inning, the winning run is scored. An Extra Inning is one, which extends the game in an attempt to break a tie score. If it is necessary to end the game when the score is tied, it is a Tie Game.

Article 3...

     A Forfeited Game is one awarded to the opponent of the offending team.

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