Sports 4 The Blind

Rule 3

Section 2:


Article 1...

     The coach may keep statistics on the opposing team and may communicate them to his team on defense prior to the time of the pitch for the first pitch to the current batter.

Article 2...

     A coach or any other person associated with a team may not assist a runner or a fielder by giving any verbal or physical assistance in locating the activated base or the ball

(Exception: A team’s legal spotters).

If such assistance is noted by an umpire, the offended team will be awarded a run or an out.


Article 3...

     Any person not a batter / runner or one of the six defensive players in the field, shall not fail to vacate any area needed by a runner or fielder attempting to reach a base or field a batted ball. This shall apply to a runner going to the wrong base, a malfunctioning base, the correct base; or a fielder trying for a live ball, foul ball, malfunctioning ball, going toward the ball or away from it in the attempt to field the ball. For failure to

vacate, the offended team shall be awarded an out or a run subject to Rule 2, Sect. 5, Art. 2a- b-c-d.

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