Sports 4 The Blind

Rule 4

Section 3:

Called Game

Article 1...

     If a game is called before the completion of the number of innings and / or conditions as specified in Section 2 Article 3 and / or 4; the Umpire shall declare the contest “No Game”. A game called for any reason where a winner cannot be determined, or a game called at any time due to mechanical failure (i.e., lack or failure of artificial lights, lack of properly functioning bases or balls, etc.) will be treated as a suspended game. If the game is to be completed at a later time, it will be continued from the point of suspension, with the line - up and batting order of each team the same as it was at the moment of suspension, subject to the rules of the game. If the game is not to be completed, it shall count as 1⁄2 game won, 1⁄2 game lost for both teams.

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