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Hello Everyone!


Sports 4 The Blind update on our upcoming snowshoeing and cross-country ski events for Sports For The Blind. As many of you know, we were not able to do our gift wrapping fundraiser at Cabela’s this year. This limits us then to our funds for the rest of the season unfortunately. In the past we have paid for private ski trips through Spokane Parks & Recreation. This year we will pay for one private ski trip. I think while our funds are limited this is also a good opportunity for us to get involved and avail ourselves of the resources already out there. While it’s great to have our own separate activities I really think being active and participating with main stream activities is also good for Sports For The Blind. Our first event will be our snowshoeing event.

Event - Snow Shoeing

Date - Saturday, January 25, 2020

Place - Mount Spokane

Cost - $35 per person (this includes snowshoes and Pole  rental)

Must call Spokane Parks & Recreation to register.

To register

Call - (509)755-2489 extension 3

Ask to register for course number - 4690 Snowshoe Mount Spokane - Friends of Mount Spokane Tour.

Again be prepared to pay at the time of registration. First come first serve basis.


This is a Spokane Parks & Recreation sponsored event.

There are a total of 12 seats available. As of Friday January 10th 2020 there were eight seats available (2 seats will be for our volunteers.)


 Sports For The Blind will reimburse Sports 4 the Blind Members, $10 to help cover the cost.


This is a 3 mile course. Beginners are welcome!

Spokane Parks & Recreation will have two staff available. We have 2 volunteers going as well. If you would like to have someone be a 1 on 1 with you, they need to register as well.

Meeting place: Lilac Services for the Blind,

Pick Up Time - 9:15 AM

Where -

Lilac Services for the Blind.

1212 N Howard St.

Spokane, WA

Return Time - 3:45PM - Approximately

More information will follow when you register.


If you have any Question's call Vivian at 509-263-3281.

Interest in Blind Snow Shoeing?

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