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Spokane Lion Pride Beep Baseball Team.

Beep Ball in the Inland Northwest area was conceived in 2011. Our first season followed the next year under the name 'Spokane Lion Pride”. Interest in the club has been expanding as we spread the word that there is a place for the visually impaired to get involved. Our involvement in the County and State organizations has given us a greater opportunity to find and provide a fun filled environment for ALL.

We invite any group to come schedule a game day with the Spokane Lion Pride Beep Ball Team. All you need to do is come out and give it a try. This is how it works :

The Offense :

The sighted pitcher, the sighted catcher, and the blind [ or blindfolded ] batter are all on the same team. The object is to get the batter to hit the ball. Even with the ball beeping, the timing between the batter and the pitcher is of greater importance. It's all about the pitcher, pitching to the batter at the correct height and speed over the plate. The batter hones in on the calls from the pitcher, ready ! set ! pitch !: and the beeping ball crosses over the plate, and hopefully hit hard. When the ball starts its ride into the field a sighted base controller will switch on either first or third base tower which will emit a loud buzzing sound. We only use first and third bases in order to keep the runners out of the field of play. Once the batter has verified which base is buzzing, off they go. The base is located 100 feet down the foul line and 10 feet outward.

The batter wants to get to the base as fast a they can run, and if they can arrive at the base before the opponent fielder finds the ball and raises it off the ground, then the runner scores a run for their team.

The Defense :

On the defense there are six blind [ or blindfolded ] fielders. Each is positioned in one of six zones. Numbered 1 through 6. A sighted Spotter is roaming the outfield to assist the fielders from harm. As the hit ball arrives in the field the spotter will call out one of the six zone numbers. This will clue the fielders as to the direction of the hit ball. The fielder will need to stop the ball and get it off the ground and call out “ GOT IT”, this stops the play. If the runner has not arrived at the base by this time the “OUT” is called.

This game is a sport with balls, dirt, and running people, and sometimes the contact between two or more of these items may occur. We do all we can to play safely, and to have as much “FUN” as possible.  

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