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Organization and Management

     Groups should be organized for competition in accordance withthe rules and regulations established by The American Blind Bowling Association; The United States Bowling Congress and Women's International Bowling Congress. These rules are available from the parent organizations and the local bowling lanes.

     The group should be organized to provide the best competition possible within the group. Normally you should provide at least one (1) totally blind individual on each team and one sighted (Auxiliary) individual on each team. These sighted individuals are required to call hits and pins for each team and to keep the team score as well as assist in teaching the beginners. Teams should be organized to give each team approximately the same beginning average. Initially, assign no more than four (4) regular bowlers to each team. This is in the interest of time needed to complete rolling three (3) games within the the time usually allocated by the bowling establishment and custom for such competition.

     Individuals not assigned to regular team status, or who do not desire regular team status should be utilized as much as possible as substitute bowlers within the league.

     If lanes and equipment are available, bowlers who desire regular status should be formed into new teams to compete regularly within the league.

     The USBC AND WIBC require bowling on two adjoining lanes for league competition but will relax their rules to permit bowling on one (1) lane when requested by visually handicapped groups. Some of the ABBA members conduct their leagues on two lanes and have found that once the members became accustomed to changing lanes they were able to roll as quickly as rolling on one lane. The group should be polled for their preference prior to beginning bowling and then again after a few weeks to at least try the two lane procedure.

     Some visually handicapped leagues with many totals or individuals with additional handicaps find it faster for bowlers to roll two (2) frames at one time thereby not wasting time looking for bowling balls and finding the position on the lanes.

     This then is another option allowed by ABBA , but not by USBC & WIBC . Options available for the group should be discussed prior to the commencement of play and again at timely intervals after the bowlers become fairly proficient in bowling and league operation.

     It should be noted that this practice is not possible when using the automatic scoring available in most bowling houses.

     Prior to the commencement of organized competition, the groups should roll to establish averages (3 games at least) and assist in the formation of teams. This pre-competition bowling also allows the establishment of handicaps prior to the start of competition. The handicap procedures, scratch score (if used) and percentages should be determined before competition starts.

     Always keep in mind that procedures, scratch scores and percentages can be changed with the agreement of the majority of the group.

     Most other variations that might come into discussion during the organizational and subsequent meetings are covered in the published regulations of the three parent organizations. Consult all of the manuals provided before adopting procedures. Any point not covered should be referred to the appropriate organization prior to adoption by the league.


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