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Etiquette in bowling is common courtesy between bowlers There are, however, some specific rules that should be learned and observed.

FIRST: as in driving and the rules of the highways, there is a bowling right of way. If two persons on adjoining lanes are ready to bowl at the same time, the person on the right, as one faces the pins, should be given the opportunity to bowl first without any interference or distractions.

SECOND: those not in the process of preparing to deliver the ball should stay off the approaches, back in the player's area Individuals should not go to the ball rack for their ball when another is preparing to bowl.

THIRD: Persons should always use their own ball or the ball they have selected for use. DO NOT useANOTHER PERSON'S BOWLING BALL WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION.

FOURTH: Individuals should assist with scorekeeping when possible.

FIFTH: Heckling is permissible and is part of the game, however, persons should not engage in this activity when bowlers are delivering or in the process of delivering the ball, It is distracting and annoying.

Finally, the foul line is the dividing line between a legal and a foul delivery. Bowlers should never go beyond the foul line. A person who deliberately slides over the foul line on each delivery is abusing the equipment and is discourteous to his playing partners.


     The equipment used in bowling is not normally dangerous, but careless handling and bad manners can make it very hazardous, especially for the blind and visually handicapped. The ball can become quite lethal when handled carelessly. When finding the ball on the rack persons should keep their hands on top of the ball or on the outsides away from the return track. Hands should never be placed between balls or equipment. When picking up their ball, the visually handicapped person should pick the ball up by the holes, as the free hand will be needed to position themselves on the rail. Turning the ball to position the gripping holes at the top of the ball will enable them to use this method. When waiting for their ball to return from the pits prior to their second delivery, the blind bowlers should find the last ball on the return, or the one closest to the pins, and place their hand on the top. When the previous bowler's ball hits his ball he will know that is now safe to pick up his own ball. After picking up the ball, it should always be gripped firmly because a bowling ball can cause personal injury when carelessly dropped or allowed to slip from the hand. Do not swing the bowling ball off the approach, especially when in a crowd. Bowling shoes can become dangerous if the soles are wet or damp. Bowling shoes will not slide when damp, so bowlers should be careful when walking around the bowling lanes. Bowlers should also observe rules regarding the placement and handling of refreshments, especially beverages. Spilled beverages cause most bowling accidents.

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