Sports 4 The Blind


Section 2:

Head Umpire

Article 1...

     If there are two or more umpires, the Head Umpire shall stand in the vicinity of home plate. He / she shall call and count passes (balls) and strikes, signal fair hits, and call out “Foul Ball” while signaling a foul hit, he / she shall make all decisions on the batter / runner

(i.e. safe, out, replay, dead ball, interference, obstruction, malfunctioning equipment, etc.).

Article 2...

     The Head Umpire has authority to suspend a game and / or recommend forfeiture in tournament play, he / she may forfeit a game in non-tournament play, and he / she has jurisdiction over any rules matters not mentioned in Rule 10, Sect. 2, Art.1, and not assigned to the field umpire in Rule 10, Sect. 3.

NOTE: The Umpire’s jurisdiction begins with the pre-game conference.

Article 3...

     The duties of the Head Umpire are those listed in Rule 10, Sect. 2, and Art. 1, 2 and the following:


Inspect equipment, condition of field, receive batting order of both teams, announce special ground rules and formulate such if the two teams cannot agree, designate the official scorer and see that each player takes his / her glove and other loose equipment to the bench at the end of his / her term in the field; and


The Head Umpire will allow each batter to hear the bases one at a time on that batter’s first up at bat in each inning. Subsequent request by the same batter to hear the bases sounded will be allowed for valid reason; and


Call “Play” and give hand signal to start the game or to resume play; and call “Time” whenever ball becomes dead; and


Eject a player, coach, spotter or clear the bench or send coach or any other person from the field or spectator area if it becomes necessary; and


Announce each substitution to the official scorekeeper; and


Call or suspend game if conditions become unfit for play; and


Penalize for rule infraction s(i.e. interference, obstruction, delay,

unsportsmanlike conduct, unwarranted disputing of decision, etc.); and


Make final decision on points not specifically covered by the rules; and


Forfeit or recommend forfeit of the game for proscribed infractions by spectators, coaches, players, spotters, or attendants; and


When protest are allowed, he / she shall report the protest to the proper person(s) along with all related conditions at the time of the protested play, provided the protest is entered by the offended team at the time of the play and before the next pitch, legal or illegal, after such play, or before both teams leave the field if the play in question is the last play of the game (see Section 4); and


Keep a written record of defensive team charged conferences for each team and notify the respective coach each time a conference is charged to his / her team. He / she shall also be responsible for keeping a line-up card for each team and recording all substitutions; and


Not allow a player who has been rendered unconscious or sustained a serious head injury or suspected broken bone or dislocation to resume playing without written authorization from a physician.

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