Sports 4 The Blind

Rule 2

Section 11:

Play, Play Ruling, and Appeal

Article 1...

     ”Play” is the order given by the umpire when it is time for the game to begin or to be resumed after having been suspended when he called “Time”. The term is also used to denote a unit of action, which begins when the pitcher has the ball in his possession in pitching position and ends when the ball is no longer in play, or the pitcher again holds the ball while in pitching position.

Article 2...

     A Play Ruling is a statement of a play situation and the correct ruling. It is considered an integral part of the rules and applies to analogous situations.

Article 3...

     An Appeal is a situation where the umpire ignores a batting out of order infraction or illegal substitution unless his attention is called to it. Batting out of order must be appealed before the first pitch, legal or illegal, to the next batter.

[Penalty: The out of order batter is declared out.]


     Batter two is due up but batter three bats instead. After B3 has completed his turn at bat, B2 comes to the plate; but before the first pitch, legal or illegal, to B2, the defense notifies the head umpire that a batter was out of order. Since batter two did not appear at the proper time, B2 is out and batter four is up. If B2 receives a legal or illegal pitch prior to the appeal, batting out of order is ignored and batter three will be the next batter up after batter two completes his turn at bat.

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