Sports 4 The Blind

Rule 2

Section 13:

Run, Batter / Runner

Article 1...

     A Run is the score made by a runner who legally advances to and touches the activated base before being put out by the defense.

Article 2...

     A Home Run is a ball that travels at least 170 feet in the air over fair territory. The Head Umpire or Field Umpire will declare a Home Run and the defense will cease attempts to field the ball.

The runner will have thirty seconds to advance to and touch the activated base in order to record a score. The Malfunctioning Equipment rule does not apply to a Home Run; except, if neither base will function, the Head Umpire may award the run. If the runner fails to advance to and touch the activated base in thirty seconds, the runner will be declared out.

Article 3...

     The Batter / Runner is a player who has hit a pitched ball into fair or foul territory and is proceeding to the activated base and has not yet been put out or scored. Also referred to as runner.

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