Sports 4 The Blind

Rule 3

Section 4:

Charged Conferences

Article 1...

     Each team, when on defense, may be granted not more than four (4) Charged Conferences during a six - inning game without penalty, to permit a coach or his non-playing representative to confer with a defensive player or players. In any extra - inning game, each team shall be permitted one (1) charged conference each inning on defense without penalty. The number of charged conferences in not cumulative. A coach, player, substitute, or attendant may make a request for time for this purpose. Time granted for an obviously incapacitated player shall not constitute a charged conference. For a defensive charged conference in excess of four in a six - inning game or in excess of one in each extra - inning, the current batter shall be awarded a “free” pitch (one strike deducted from current count).

Article 2...

     Each team, when on offense, may be granted not more than two Charged Conferences per inning to permit a coach or any of that team’s personnel to confer with the batter. The Umpire shall deny any subsequent requests for time for this purpose.

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