Sports 4 The Blind

Rule 5

Section 2:

Suspension of Play

Article 1...

     the umpire and play suspended when shall call “TIME”:


The ball becomes dead; or


The umpire considers the weather, ground, or lighting conditions unfit for play (NOTE: after 30 minute delay, umpire may declare game ended); or


A player, coach, bench personnel, or spectator is ordered from the grounds or player is ordered to secure protective equipment; or repair or replace defective equipment; or


An umpire or player is incapacitated, except that if injury occurs during a live ball, time will not be called until play is over; or


A player or coach requests time and it is granted by the umpire for substitution, conference, or similar cause; or


He suspends play for any other reason including awards following infractions, inspection of the ball, ending the half - inning; or due to outside disturbances which may make it difficult to hear the activated base or the ball (i.e. loud cars, trucks, buses, planes, music, too much noise from the bench, stands, or other cause).


The Head Umpire or Field official is the only person with authority to call “Time” and suspend play. Any other person desiring “Time” should request it from an official and wait until the Umpire has granted the request before assuming that play has been halted and a “Dead Ball” situation exists.

Article 2...

     When the ball becomes dead, no game action can occur, unless ball is dead for awards or penalties

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