Sports 4 The Blind

Rule 6

Section 2:

Infractions By Pitcher

A Pitcher Shall Not:

Article 1...

     Deface the ball or deliver a defaced ball. Illegal acts include:


Applying foreign substance to ball or glove; or


Attempt to alter tone of ball; or


Attempt to soften ball by bouncing into against the ground or other hard surface; or


Allow a batted ball to touch his person or clothing for purpose of receiving a “no pitch” ruling. If, in umpire’s opinion, pitcher allows batted ball to come in contact, or initiates such contact prior to umpire calling ball dead, umpire may call batter out. Repeated action of this type may result in ejection of offending pitcher.

Article 2...

     Delay the game. This includes:


Consuming time as the result of the coach or his representative conferring with batter, pitcher, or catcher after having been charged with two offensive charged conferences for that inning; or


Failure to make a pitch, legal or illegal, within 30 seconds after receiving the ready signal from the catcher. NOTE:

At the beginning of each half - inning the pitcher may warm up for eight pitchers or two minutes, whichever is less, timed from the moment the third out of the previous half - inning is called. If a pitcher is replaced during an inning, the new pitcher may warm up with no more than eight throws. In either case, the head umpire may authorize more than eight throws because of an injury, inclement weather, or other reason. Umpire shall suspend play and the batter shall remain away from the plate.

Article 3...

     Since runners do not hold or occupy the bases in Beep Baseball, there is no Balk. However, there is the possibility of an Illegal Pitch. The following acts shall constitute an Illegal Pitch:


Failure to release the ball after the second of two required verbal signals or releasing the ball before the second verbal signal; or Article 1; or the first of two required verbal signals; or


Dropping the ball after beginning the pitching motion, even though accidental;


Making a pitch from any position other than as required in Rule 6, Section 1 Aricle 1, and


Failing to pitch to the batter in one continuous motion immediately after giving


Failure to give either of the two required verbal signals, or failure to make either of the signals audible to the defense.

PENALTY for Illegal Pitch:

For (b) a no-pitch;

for (a), (c), and (d) a strike may be charged to the batter;

for (e) on the first occurrence, the head umpire shall warn the pitcher to speak louder or more clearly, each subsequent infraction may result in a strike being charged to the batter. Penalties will be imposed in precedence over any action by the batter

(i.e., regardless of what the batter does, whether a foul ball, miss, hit or pass, that action will be ignored and the result will be a penalty call as set forth above.)

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