Sports 4 The Blind

Rule 7

Section 2:

Strikes, Balls and Hits

Article 1...

     A strike is charged to the Batter when:


A pitch is swung at and missed (even if pitch touches batter); or


A pitch becomes a foul ball or foul tip when the batter has less than three strikes; or


A batter delays more than thirty (30) seconds in taking a position on either side of home plate when the pitcher has the ball and the umpire declares “Play”; or


A pitch is not swung at when the batter has taken one pass (ball); or


Batter, pitcher, catcher, or other offensive team personnel charged with infraction for which the penalty is a strike to the batter.

Article 2...

     A ball is credited to the batter when a pitch is not swung at and the batter has a count of less than one pass (ball). In some cases in these rules, the defensive team may be charged with an infraction that results in a no pitch or a “free pitch” to the batter; this is the equivalent of giving the batter more than four strikes and one pass. Also, there are some cases in which an infraction by the pitcher results in a no pitch. This may seem to be a reward or reprieve to the batter by giving him, in effect, an extra pitch; it is not meant to be so, since the no pitch call has precedence over a score and the batter must resume the plate to complete the turn with ball and strike count as it was prior to the no pitch. If this procedure seems to be unfair to the defense in some cases, it is not intended but is the most reasonable alternative under particular circumstances.

Article 3...

     A Foul Hit or Fair Hit occurs when the bat of the batter who is at the plate touches a pitch.

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