Sports 4 The Blind

Rule 7

Section 4:

Batter Is Out As In Above or When:


Batter steps to the plate with an illegal bat or is discovered using an illegal bat after the umpire has issued one team warning. If the infraction is discovered before the next pitch, legal or illegal, following the turn at bat of the player who used an illegal bat, the defense may take the penalty or the result of the play; or


He accrues four strikes; or


His fly hit (fair or foul) is caught by a fielder or such catch is prevented by: a spectator, offensive team member (player or non-player), the batter / runner or umpire interference; or by any attempt at verbal or physical intimidation of the defense by any person present; or


When his / her fair hit ground ball is legally fielded by a defensive player; or


As the result of a penalty.

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