Sports 4 The Blind

Rule 2

Section 9:

Pitcher, Pitch, and Pivot Foot

Article 1...

     The Pitcher is the person designated in the scorebook as being responsible for delivering the ball to the batter. A live ball delivered to the batter is a Pitch. The term implies a legally delivered ball unless otherwise stated. Time of The Pitch is when the pitcher has committed himself to deliver the pitch to the batter. Commitment shall be defined as any motion by the pitcher customarily associated with his / her pitching style.

Article 2...

     The pitcher’s Pivot Foot is that foot which the pitcher contacts the pitching mark when he delivers the ball. Normally, for a left - handed pitcher it is the left foot; for a right - handed pitcher it is the right foot.

Article 3...

     An Illegal Pitch is a pitch which is delivered to the batter when the pitcher’s pivot foot is not in contact with the pitching mark or which is delivered to the batter in violation of the pitching rule. [See Rule 6, Sect. 2, and Art. 3 for penalties.]

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