Sports 4 The Blind

Rule 4

Section 4:

Forfeited Game

Article 1...

     A game shall be Forfeited to the offended team by the umpire when a team:


Is twenty minutes late in appearing or in beginning play after the umpire calls “Play” at scheduled game time. This may be set aside if the umpire deems the delay unavoidable; or


Refuses to continue play after the game has begun; or


Delays more than a reasonable amount of time in resuming play, or in obeying the umpire’s order to remove a player, coach, spectator, or other team personnel for violation of the rules; or


Persists in tactics intended to delay or shorten the game; or


Willfully and persistently violates any of the rules after being warned by the umpire, even though a warning is not mandatory; or


Cannot provide six players or the necessary support personnel to complete the game.


If it is necessary because of illness, injury, or penalty, a team may be allowed to complete a game with five players. An out will be called each time the empty spot in the line - up comes to bat [Rule 3, Section 1, Article 1]; or


If a team drops below five players due to ejection, penalty, injury, or the pitcher, catcher, or the last or only spotter is eject and there is no legal replacement; or


On its home field fails or refuses to comply with the umpire’s order to put the field in condition for play.

Article 2...

     score of a forfeited game is 6 to 0 except if the game is forfeited after the number of innings required for a regulation game and the offending team is behind in the score. Then the score remains as recorded. If the offending team is leading the score are 6 to 0.

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