Sports 4 The Blind

Rule 8

Section 4:

Runner Is Out

Article 1...

     The Batter / Runner is Out When:


His / her fair hit ball is legally fielded (caught) by a fielder before he / she touches the activated base; or


His / her fair or foul fly ball is caught by a fielder before it touches the ground, an umpire or other game official, a spotter, the pitcher or catcher, any object foreign to the natural ground, or any person other than another defensive fielder; or


After hitting the ball, his / her bat again touches the ball in fair territory, or touches the ball before it has passed the forty - foot line when there is a chance that the ball could have crossed the line if contact had not been made, the ball is dead and the runner is out.


If the bat and the ball come in contact a second time while the batter is still holding the bat at or in the plate area, it is a foul ball; or


Runner is out when he is touched by or touches a fair hit ball before the ball is touched by a fielder, unless such touching occurs while the batter is still at the plate (foul ball); or


He / she touches or is touched by his / her hit ball which is rolling toward first or third base, inside the base line, before the ball has crossed the forty - foot line and there is a possibility that the ball could have crossed the line if the runner had not had contact with the ball; or


There is interference with a fielder by any person associated with the offensive team.

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