Sports 4 The Blind

Chapter 5, Section C

Pin Spots

     The pin spots are placed in the pin deck to designate the position of the pins, to check the accuracy of the automatic spotting equipment and to respot pins when they are accidentally knocked down by the machinery. On wooden lanes, the spots are usually constsructed of a colored wood or fibre substance, then embedded in the pindeck On phenolic or synthetic surfaces, they are manufactured as part of the material when the pindeck is constructed. The spots are 21 1/4 inches in diameter and arranged in the shape of a triangle, with the pinspot nearest the bowler designated the headpin or number 1 pin. The remainder of the spots are placed 12 inches apart from their nearest numbered neighbor. It is 12 inches from the 1 pin to the 2 pin and 12 inches from the 2 pin to the 3 pin. The number 4 pin is 12 inches from the 2 pin and so on across and down the lane. We, therefore, have them placed in a 36 inch triangle, with it being 36 inches from the center of the head pin to the center of the seven and ten pins. It is also 36 inches from the 7 pin to the 10 pin. All measurements are from the center of each pin. The spots are numbered:

7 8 9 10

  4 5 6

   2 3


     It measures 31 & 3/16 inches from the center of the head pin to centers of the pins on the back row.

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