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Chapter 7, Section A

The Basic Fundamentals of Bowling


     All bowling begins with the stance, regardless of the type of ball rolled, number of steps taken (if any), or the physical capabilities or abilities of the individual. The stance is the attitude assumed by the individual prior to start of a bowling delivery. Included items to be aware of are:

     The manner you stand on the approachThe way the ball is held

     The position of the feet, hands, shoulders and arms

     A good stance should be consistent at all times to assure correct execution of all fundamentals. The body should be placed in the same position each time the individual steps on the approach to deliver the ball. Where the individual stands determines the direction of approach and ball path. The individual should always check feet, hands, knees, ball, head, hips, shoulders and arms each time the stance is taken until the position is automatically taken each delivery. Where the individual assumes the approach will vary for individual shots and changing lane conditions but the positioning should never change. Where the ball is held and how the hands and feet are positioned is an individual preference as long as the bowler is comfortable and able to assume the stance consistently.

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