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Chapter 7, Section B

The Basic Fundamentals of Bowling



     To achieve consistency in bowling it is essential that a consistent and effortless swing be developed. The swing should require the minimum muscle effort of the individual. The pendulum swing is the easiest to achieve and the most consistent in execution as it provides accuracy with the least muscle involvement. Development of the pendulum swing only requires that the ball be used as a weight on a straight arm swinging from the shoulder, with the ball providing the inertia for the swing.

     The initial exercise for learning the pendulum swing takes place at the foul line. The student should assume a position approximately 3 to 5 inches behind the foul line, with the foot opposite the bowling arm slightly ahead of the other and the feet slightly apart for balance, and pointing straight down the lane.

     the student should bend at the waist as far forward as possible without losing their balance. The knees should be bent to allow the bowler to swing the ball as close to the approach and lane as possible without hitting the lane. The bowling ball should be held at the side, with the arm fully extended. The fingers should be under and slightly behind the ball. The thumb should be in towards the body and held somewhere between the 9 - 12 o'clock position. The wrist and elbow should be straight and firm. Most of the weight of the ball should be felt on the middle two fingers with the other two fingers there for support and the thumb gripping to provide proper balance and control of the ball.     

     About 3/4 through the return forward motion, the ball should be delivered out on the lane as far as the bowler can reach comfortably.

     The arm should then be at the farthest point to complete the natural movement of the swing in a follow through.

     During this exercise and in all practice, the feet and body of the student should remain motionless and the body be as still as possible as movement or use of muscles will defeat the purpose of the exercise and cause a bad pendulum swing. Movement other than of the arm will cause inconsistencies in development of a good swing.

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