Sports 4 The Blind

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Chapter 7, Section C

The Basic Fundamentals of Bowling


     The one step approach and delivery is a prelude to a full approach and delivery, as well as a good position and exercise for learning a push-away, a good stance, and the basics of sighting and aiming. The one step approach and delivery is in use by many visually handicapped persons and others with different disabilities.

     To learn the one step approach and delivery, the student should take a position approximately 3 feet behind (spectator side) the foul line. Students should assume the same stance as for learning the pendulum swing, The pendulum swing should be executed as learned with the modification of taking a step with the foot opposite the bowling arm as the ball comes forward on the delivery portion of the swing. The step should be started as the ball begins it's forward motion and be completed with the delivery of the ball on the lane. During the movement forward, the weight of the body should be allowed to move forward with the swing until the weight is on the foot opposite the bowling arm.

     Learning this movement will teach coordination between feet and arms, and also increase the momentum of the ball. Some students may find it difficult to attain this coordination, but practice will enable them to overcome this difficulty.

     The instructor can assist the student by swinging the bowling ball and verbally instructing the bowler on when to take the step.

     The instructor will need to stand beside the bowler and actually make the movement with them to correctly execute the movement.

     After most of the students have become comfortable with the one step approach and delivery, modifications to the stance may be made to allow the student to begin in an upright position and execute the delivery. Many times, this will enable the student to better execute and become familiar with the movements involved.

     A further instruction that should be carried out at this time is the basics of sighting and aiming, and instructions should be given to the student on pointing the body at the pins and going in a straight line towards what they are trying to hit. To bowl consistently, a student should understand that the ball goes in the direction the body is facing. Instructors should position the bowlers in the middle of the lane and have them step straight ahead.

     If the movements ar executed correctly, the ball should go approximately down the middle of the lane. Next, move the students to the right on the approach, and have them face slightly left, then execute the movements, again stepping straight ahead.

     The ball should then go towards the seven (7) pin if correctly done.

     Next, move them to the left and repeat as above, except face to the right. The ball should go in the direction of the ten (10) pin this time.

     Stress that accuracy at this time is not important, rather understanding the concept of facing what you are trying to hit, execute the fundamentals, and the ball will go in that direction.

     This concept holds true regardless of number of steps taken or pins that are standing. This concept will be refined and practiced later in the course, but the understanding can better be taught with the one step approach and delivery as not too many principles are available at this time to confuse the student.

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